Little Cayman facts set the island paradise apart from the crowd

Though it doesn’t take much to interest travelers in a vacation to the , some fun facts about Little Cayman highlight the small landmass as an excellent destination.

As the smallest in the chain of islands, Little Cayman boasts just over 100 permanent residents. This means that the island remains largely undeveloped, allowing unique native species like the red-footed booby to flourish on the island

The 10-mile long island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, meaning that it celebrated its quincentennial in 2003. This was during Columbus’ final voyage to America, and came when strong winds forced his ships far off course. The island chain had originally been named Las Tortugas, as Columbus noticed a large number of sea turtles on the archipelago, though this later switched to Las Caymanas (the iguanas) when explorers believed that the lizards roamed the lands.

Though discovered in the 16th century, the first settlement on Little Cayman didn’t come for another 100 years, when turtle fisherman set up camps on the island’s beautiful coast. These camps were later abandoned, but a new settlement dubbed Blossom Village emerged on the landmass in 1833.