Keep an eye out for these Brasilia attractions

When exploring the Brazilian capital it may be difficult to decide which Brasilia attractions to see first. Fortunately, the large city boasts an impressive roster of sites that will please travelers from all walks of life.

Architecture buffs and fans of political history will definitely want to check out Three Powers Square on the eastern end of the Monumental Axis. This site is home to the country’s three highest seats of power including the Presidential Palace, Congress and the Supreme Court. These beautiful buildings were carefully positioned so that on April 21, the Brazilian holiday known as Tiradentes Day, the sun would rise between the towers of Congress. There are also several interesting statues to be found in the area, including the compelling bronze Os Candangos.

Shoppers and those hoping to get the lay of the land will want to head to Television Tower, located in the middle of the Monumental axis. This sizable tower allows for an unbeatable vista of the area, and the craft and food market that can regularly be found at its base is a great place to pick up souvenirs.

Of course, nature lovers will want to tour Brasilia National Park, where native Cerado vegetation surrounds natural pools that fill with swimmers during the summer season.