Head to Madrid for the most delicious cuisine in Spain

Those who are visiting Madrid on their next vacation may want to spend their days checking out the vast array of restaurants in the capital city to get a taste of some of the most delicious cuisine in Spain.

Eating out is a wonderful way to both tour the city and discover why Madrid has such a delectable reputation. Tourists may want to begin the day at a local cafe, such as Cafe Comercial, to have a cup of gourmet coffee and a piece of moist, savory cake. It is the oldest cafe in town at more than 120 years old. One of the venue’s best offerings is a traditional churro, a strip of sugar-covered fried dough, often referred to as the Spanish donut.

Another establishment that has enjoyed success in the city for many years is Casa Botin, which is the oldest restaurant in the world and one of the many popular attractions in Spain. It has been serving up delicious dishes like roasted suckling pig, lamb and garlic soup and much more since 1725. Spanish and American authors often wrote about this restaurant in their novels and bookworms may recognize the eatery from the work of Gomez de la Serna and Ernest Hemingway.