Discover the taste of Senegalese cuisine

Travelers who have ever been to Europe may discover some familiar tastes when they try Senegalese cuisine. Visitors to this country are sure to enjoy the eclectic mix of French, Portuguese and North African inspirations in its dishes, as well as several other ethnic styles of cooking.

Seafood is an important part of local culinary customs, as Senegal lies along the border of the Atlantic. Tourists can also expect a bevy of chicken, lamb and beef options on restaurant menus; pork, however, is more difficult to come by due to the heavy influence of the Muslim population throughout the nation.

One traditional item visitors may find on a trip to the West African country is thieboudienne, the national dish containing marinated fish and vegetables cooked with tomato paste. Other items to try include yassa, which is chicken or fish in a sauce made of garlic, lemon and mustard; maafe, any type of meat prepared with a tomato and peanut butter sauce; and Capitaine a la Saint-Louisienne, spice-stuffed perch.

For dessert, the Senegalese people often enjoy a couscous pudding dish called thiakry, as well as banana glace, which is a banana soup dessert.