Spring weather in Puerto Rico makes for a great off-season adventure

While most vacationers explore the Caribbean during their summer vacations, the weather in Puerto Rico can make this a challenge. Summer is hurricane season in the Caribbean, and though that doesn’t mean that the island will routinely face dangerous weather patterns, it does mean that rain will be an almost daily occurrence.

Vacationers hoping to explore the beautiful island of Puerto Rico would be better served by a visit during the month of May, as the spring season tends to be more pleasant and less crowded than the summer. The month sees island-wide highs near 88 degrees, with lows of 56 are not uncommon. Contrast this with the summer’s highs in the mid 90s, and it’s clear why spring is the safer choice.

Travelers can also expect a comforting breeze during their stay in Puerto Rico, as the island is home to frequent sea breezes, as well as inland gusts around the territory’s more mountainous regions.

Needless to say, packing for the weather in Puerto Rico should involve more than one pair of shorts. Lighter fabrics are also a must, as the moist Caribbean air can bring on a sweat without warning.