Know before you go: Cayman Islands facts offer a recipe for fun

Travelers vacationing in the Caribbean may want to brush up on some Cayman Islands facts before venturing to the celebrated destination. Understanding a little bit about the island’s history and culture will help make one’s experiences on the celebrated archipelago more unique and memorable.

For starters, the chain of islands (Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman) are officially an overseas territory of England. This means that despite the islands’ strong connection to other local cultures and peoples, the impact of the British people is evident everywhere you turn - from the islands’ national language (English) to the names of locations like the capital of George Town.

The Caymans’ reputation as a popular tourist destination along with their relatively small land mass has made farming rather scarce on the island, though the fishing industry is unsurprisingly strong. As such, roughly 90 percent of all food and consumer goods used and sold on the island is imported. This unfortunately means that these items can run a bit expensive on the island, as goods are typically subject to a 20 percent import tax.

American travelers will also be happy to know that most destinations on the islands will accept American currency, though vacationers may want to keep an eye on exchange rates to know whether or not it is a better idea to pay with Cayman Island Dollars (CID).