Denali national park shatters expectations of weather in Alaska

Despite the beautiful pictures that come out of the nation’s largest state, many travelers still have some misconceptions when it comes to the weather in Alaska. Though there are indeed tracts of land where the snow seemingly never stops falling, the climate at attractions like Denali National Park tends to be much more agreeable.

Though the park does endure a long and frigid winter, its growing season from mid-May through mid-September can be actually quite comfortable. With an average temperature hovering near the mid 60s (with highs as much as 75 degrees) and frequent rains, even the warmest months will be rather pleasant.

It is important to note, however, that the climate in the area can shift very quickly. Guides have been known to tell visitors that they can expect, sun, rain, wind and clouds all within the same day. It’s also not unheard of to see snow in July, though that may be more in line with Alaska’s reputation than the warmer days.

Those adventurers considering tackling Mount McKinley will definitely want to prepare for the cold, as temperatures recorded at the Alpine Club’s weather station can dip as low as negative 22 degrees in July.