Cultural travelers know where to go in Thailand

Choosing where to go in Thailand can be a challenge, as the Southeast Asian nation is home to a wealth of beautiful cultural sites, scenic beaches and modern amenities. Travelers will want to narrow down what interests them within the country, which will help make plotting the course of a Thai vacation that much easier.

For those travelers who love ancient temples, palaces and other cultural hotspots, they will definitely want to check out the Wat Phra Kaeo, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This dazzlingly intricate building features the country’s sacred emerald statue of Buddha, as well as some unforgettable murals depicting scenes from the magical epic known as Ramayana.

Those looking to shop or learn a bit about the country’s modern culture should plan to visit the floating markets of Bangkok. Hop aboard a river taxi and explore the River of Kings, where you can buy everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to locally made crafts.

Nature lovers will love taking an elephant trek. These tours are available on many of the islands and jungles within Thailand and allow travelers a deeper connection with the natural world, as well as the unique experience of riding a massive pachyderm.